I'm making a public post here with the hope that I can save someone a lot of grief and trouble in the future. Anyone who seeks to marry or establish a relationship with Dietrich Louis Wolf needs to run as far away as they can very quickly. As of last I knew, he's an unmedicated bi-polar. He made my and my mother's life hell while I was growing up. He got violent and beat up on my mom. He got her fired from her job at Aetna because he wanted her car to take to his parents' house (so he said). The fight they had that morning made her late and she was fired. He also destroys others' property. He destroyed several things of mine including irreplaceable music on records. I had to put a block in my door to keep him out or he'd go in there and break things. I can't be for certain, however, I believe that he may have violated (raped) me as a teenager. I remember having a weird dream with his voice in it, then waking up with an ache in my rear and a feeling as if there was lubricant smeared all over it. I never said anything because I wasn't sure if it was real or not and I had to get up to go to school or work. He cheated on my mother and I caught him on the phone with the woman he was doing this with. He also stole things of mine when he finally left. He is probably the one person in this world that I can genuinely claim to hate. I hate him purely and without exception because of the things that he did. In my opinion, he has no redeeming qualities. It has been my experience that he lies, deceives, gets into your life, and then destroys it. Anyone who has met him and thinks he's a nice guy, if you find this message, PLEASE, if you have any sense of self-preservation, leave Dietrich as quickly as you can. He will be nothing but trouble for you.