I have a few things to say about Eric Ciaramella, the so-called "whistleblower" who started this Ukraine investigation which has been wasting so much time in Washington.

Since this is a medium which is not Facebook and can't be censored by those idiots who jokingly call themselves moderators, I'm able to name and talk about this guy. For one, in order to be a whistleblower, you have to have something for which you are blowing the whistle. That comes from the notion that someone blows a whistle if they see something wrong going on or if they're being attacked. Police used to use whistles, too. This "whistleblower", Eric Ciaramella, is nothing but a stooge and a liar. He's being propped up by the Democrats in order to attempt to achieve their goal, which is the impeachment of Donald Trump. Frankly, the Democrats need to knock this crap off and start actually serving their consituents' interest. Some of the issue is that they're being petitioned based on propaganda from certain groups.

Far-left groups such as MoveOn, SumOfUs, and Credo need to be wiped off of the planet. They have been riling up people and making them believe that Trump has done this or that wrong so their addle-brained followers will submit petitions. These groups are dangerous and are leading people down the wrong path. If they stuck to environmental and social causes, I wouldn't have a problem with them, but they've been turned into political weapons and that's crossing a dangerous line. It's groups like these who empower people like Eric Ciaramella to disrupt proper government operation on a whim because they generate support for useless wastes of time from people who don't know better.

This impeachment nonsense needs to stop. The Democrats are proving to the world that they are the biggest babies who can't handle the thought that average Americans don't like them, so they're doing everything possible to subvert the result of the election. Also, they're trying to change demographics with uninvited invaders (AKA illegal immigrants, AKA criminal aliens) who WILL vote for them. Basically they're saying, "If you won't vote for us, we'll find someone who will." That means that Democrats no longer care about the will of the People of the United States and are enemies of the Constitution.

In light of the recent announcement of the Democrats of the current articles of impeachment: You are stupid. You are idiots. You are a blight upon the United States of America. President Donald Trump was within his rights to appeal to the court system. At least he was following the law and playing by the rules, unlike you. You're trying to subvert the system. You're claiming that he abused his power when in reality you're abusing yours.